EuroGrand Roulette

EuroGrand Casino is among the gambling destinations on the wide web that are built to look and feel European. The gaming company has been in business since 2006, which has enabled it to build the large client base that it boasts today. Gamers can access various gambling options from this casino, one of the most popular choices being the EuroGrand roulette category. All the game sets that are found in this casino are provided by the prestigious online gaming software developer Playtech. This EuroGrand Casino roulette review looks through the various selection of this gaming category.

eurogrand casino roulette

Provided Roulette Variations

Roulette is a popular table game in the gaming industry and has been around since the sixteenth century. Originating in France, this game spread across the globe during the French Revolution. This spread saw it revised into numerous versions with various bonus offers, but they all maintained the basic structure of a rotating wheel and a small ball. When the online platform was introduced, roulette was among the first games provided. When this casino was first launched, it included EuroGrand roulette in its portfolio. The roulette at EuroGrand Casino host six variations of the game, making it the highest provided table game in the casino. The variations provided include:

  • European variation – This is the most commonly offered version of roulette in the world. It comes with the best payout odds and has thirty-six-character pockets.
  • American type – This real money version is quite popular with gamers and has thirty-seven pockets as opposed to the thirty-six numbers in the European version. This leaves it with worse odds for the player than the European version, hence fewer winners.
  • French version – EuroGrand French roulette maintains the same rules as the original version of the game. Like the European version, it has thirty-six pockets and comes with a convenient house edge.
  • Three-dimensional roulette features 3D development but with the same rules as the European version.
  • Live roulette – Live dealer casinos have become a sensation with online gamblers, and EuroGrand Casino as made a point of providing the option to gamers. On the site, players can play EuroGrand live roulette in European or American versions with the help of human dealers.
  • Premium roulette contains all the provided variations of the game. The only difference is their provision with high cash bet limit amounts that are best suited for big spenders with large deposits. Stakes as high as one thousand dollars can be placed on a single wheel spin.

Players can make payment for these games using credit cards, debit cards, and many other channels. This United Kingdom Gambling Commission licensed casino has had all its EuroGrand Casino roulette variations tested for free and fair play provision.